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Executive Producer, Director, DP, Editor, Writer, Model, Host, and Actor.

I bring 20 years of film production experience to provide the best quality of films with a group of talented people who are working for a common goal.  

The goal of bringing all of our resources together to make a film production like none otherManages the Directors and their associated production crews Menbers, directors and helps shape their creative vision to make it feasible, practical, and marketable to Rayborne Films and in charge of recruiting guest directors and new directors to join Rayborne Films Team.

Oversees the Production Support department which encompasses Talent, Post Production, Rayborne Films Unit Production Departments Negotiates deals with outside production companies, producers and motion picture studios and aides in securing funding Maximizes cost-efficiency while upholding production quality, company culture and values.

Office: (323) 251 - 8123











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