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Historical energy Use and Costs

Prior to the industrial revolution we gathered all the resources we needed to sustain ourselves and families. This included growing our own food supply, gathering wood for heating and cooking, and hauling our own water home. The industrial revolution brought many people to large urban areas, where they worked in large factories and lived in large apartment buildings or tracts of single family homes. These urban building were supplied heating, cooling, water, and lighting from common sources of energy, called utility companies. You paid your utility bills every month and you took for granted that life's conveniences would always be available at a price that was insignificant to your monthly budget.

When you turned on the water faucet, you assumed that fresh drinkable water would always flow. When you adjusted the thermostat, you assumed that you could sit comfortably in your living room without freezing or overheating. You also assumed that the supply of these resources were unlimited. So you didn't put much thought into saving energy, modifying your home to reduce heat and cooling losses, and generating energy from alternate sources.

Today's Reality

Today we consume huge amounts of energy because of population growth in North America, industrialization of developing nations in Asia, and the increased use of electronic equipment such computers and computer controlled devices.

The supply of most earth based energy resources (fossil fuels) has gone over the peak, meaning now they are in declining supply. And, the extraction of energy resouces is becoming much more difficult and expensive because we have to dig deeper into the earth's crust. At the same time, with the world's human population increasing to 10 billion, demand for traditional energy sources is ever increasing.

The USA, for the past 100 years, has established an economic and lifestyle model of highly inefficient energy consumption that the rest of the world wants to copy and the USA wants to continue. USA homes of the past century were built with an emphasis on visual appeal, comfort, and convenience rather than efficiency. Most homes in America older than 30 years have many "energy leaks" in the walls, conduit entering the home, windows, and doors. The affects on energy supply and the environment are becoming quite significant.
Annyone wants learn more about solar energy and how it workm then check this site out great resources and info.

There have been record high temperature recordings and flooding occurring on every continent around the world during this current decade from 2000 to 2010.

We Care Solar 

WE CARE Solar CCO Alan Saldich and Chief Exuctive Director Dr.Laura E. Stachel M.D. provides an introduction to WE CARE Solar Review of World Energy that promotes safe motherhood and reduces maternal mortality in developing regions by providing health workers with reliable lighting, mobile communication, and blood bank refrigeration using solar electricity Joe Raybore interviews Alan and Dr Laura Stachel about the Solar Suitecase and how it help Africa achieve it's goal in the medical field and how it saves lives. Dr.Laura saw a need in africa along with her husband in designing and creating a solar siutcase, that works towards a secure, affordable energy while addressing climate change that consist a set of objective, global energy data used by business, academics, clinic's and hospotials.
 WE CARE Solar promotes safe motherhood and reduces maternal mortality in developing regions by providing health workers with reliable lighting, mobile communication, and blood bank refrigeration using solar electricity Joe Raybore interviews Alan and Dr Laura Stachel about the Solar Suitecase and how it help Africa achieve it's goal in the
medical field and how it saves lives. Dr.Laura saw a need in africa and worked with her husband in designing a solar siutcase. This was an inspirational story

Epuipment used:
1 Canon XA10
Shot gun mic
wireless mic
Frezzi shoulder cam
Edited in Sony Vgas Pro

UC Berkeley Plum Engineering Area a very futuristic buildings

Watch this video. WHY? because this story inspired me to film this and tell the world about it. This is a story about We Care Solar that make solar suit cases that'll bring solar energy to Africa,... India and world that do not have electricity. This is a medical divice that helps the Nurses and Doctors perform surgery or other needs in the dark or where ever light is needed to help them see what thier doing. You can Participate by donating to this charitable foundation that is in need of yours and all of our help. Please help get these solar suitecases to these counties that are in need of our help. You can go to thier website to donate and learn what they are doing in these countries in helping these people. Thankyou very

The Canon XA10 Review

As you may know, I recently got a really nice camera for my birthday, which of course was an unexpected surprise. I was like a five year old kid all over again and silly that was, what was it? A Canon XA10, which was what I really wanted and needed.


I had the opportunity to explore and learn how to work on this so that I can use it better by knowing what I wanted the camera. Surprisingly I was amazed by not only the quality of the footage but also what the lens could do that has an f/1.8 to f/2.8. astoundingly as it my sound but it was an extremely clear footage when I zoomed all he way out. It has a 30mm to 304mm with a 200mm digital zoom giving it a total of 504mm it length.

Philip bloom gave a great review on the this camera and I was amazed myself on how this camera has performed on the job. I have put a few videos up for you to see the difference and the quality of the camera and the Sound is very clear and excellent.

 The XA10 features the AVCHD codec. AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) was announced in 2006 and is quickly becoming the standard for professional camcorders. AVCHD utilizes MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression technology similar to the technology used in Canon's HD DSLRs. In addition to professional grade camcorders, AVCHD is very popular in the consumer market and as a result most nonlinear editing software, both professional and consumer, have full support for the codec; this makes for easy compatibility with the XA10 no matter what system you choose.

AVCHD is used for encoding Blu-Ray discs, meaning the XA10 is ideal for capturing content for delivery in this format, as well as making conversion to web-based content in H.264 format easy. Additionally, the XA10 records up to 24Mbps, the maximum bit rate of AVCHD, at 1920 x 1080 and 4:2:0 color space for sharp, vivid, and fully professional quality image capture. Checkout the specs here at B&HPhoto

I will be going to the RenFaire this Saturday to work with it and really put it to the test. I’ll keep you all posted. In the mean time. enjoy the video and pictures I have posted up.


Edius pro 6 editing software

As most of you may know, that FCPX has complicated a lot of customers with quite a few feature that have been taken away. Not a whole lot of happy people out I must say. However, as you may know Avid Media Composer is offering a %50 discount on their software.

Now be mind that Avid Media Composer is the most advance editing software that is out there. Which of course, is an outstanding deal and opportunity to get your hands on this software. Although, I feel that there is another software is just as well the same as Avid.


I resently downloaded a free demo of Edius Pro 6 Editing Software about a week ago. I found that not only is this software advanced in editing, but also is and after effect software built in just like have Adobe After effect built in and a Sound system doing noise reduction, correction and more. That too is like having Sony Sound Forge 10 built in too. Wow! Now is some very serious software. I am still learning how to use it and what features it has. Here are basic features

  • Work natively with many different video formats, such as Sony's XDCAM, Panasonic's P2, Ikegami's GF, and now Canon's XF format and EOS movie format 
  • Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista support 
  • Fast, flexible user interface, including unlimited video, audio, title, and graphics tracks 
  • Real-time editing and conversion of different resolutions, as high as 4K/2K resolution to as low as 24x24 
  • Real-time editing and conversion of different frame rates, such as 60p/50p, 60i/50i, and 24p 
  • Proxy mode workflow by switching timeline between proxy/hi-res mode 
  • Nested timeline sequences 
  • GPU-accelerated 3D transitions 
  • Real-time effects, keyers, transitions, and titles 
  • Multi camera editing of up to 16 different sources simultaneously 
  • Direct to Blu -ray Disc and DVD timeline export 
  • Export in AVCHD format to a media card 
  • High-value software bundle includes filters, effects, image stabilization, and VST audio plug-ins 
  • 2K/4K resolution support 
  • Free-shape mask filter 
  • 16 camera multi cam editing 
  • Proxy mode workflow 
  • Canon XF format and EOS movie format support 
  • Exporting in AVCHD format to a media card 

Edius gives quite a unique way of editing and it's features that it has. Edius also supports third party add-in such as


Video Effects

New Blue (




3D Explosions



3D Transformations



Art Blends


2. 4 Build 110207

Art Effects

Video Filter

2.4 Build 110207

Light Blends


1.4 Build 110303

Light Effects

Video Filter & Keyers


Motion Blends


2.4 Build 110207

Motion Effects

Video Filter

2.4 Build 110207

Paint Blends



Paint Effects

Video Filter


Video Essentials I*

Video Filter


Video Essentials II

Video Filter & Keyers


Video Essential III*

Video Filter & Keyers


Video Essentials IV

Video Filter & Keyers
























You can see more by clicking on this link to learn more on the third party plug-in You can Also check out the EDIUS 6 Feature Showcase to learn more about it features. You can aloso download a free demo of the software to try it. I do recommend you do so in order to learn how to use it. The software is available at B&HPhoto for $699.00 click here to see Grass Valley EDIUS 6 Editing Software

In Conclusion, I find that this software is by far a user friendly editing system and is very challenging when it comes to learning how to use it. For the bargain, that is one sweet deal you can not miss out on. With three software's all roll into one is really insane, in a good way of course. So give it try and see for yourself what it can do for you. HEY! For a price like that, you can't beat that.


Red Scarlet 3k Camera is coming out this year in 2011


As you can see in this video, the Red Scarlet camera, which is 3k, that makes it 3 times the standard HD which is 1080i. Now imagine the clarity of the picture and size that it puts out... It's not your standard HD Camera that you'll find in Canon, Sony and Panasonic, in fact, there are no camera's in the market today that has the this advanced system and picture quality that it has.

Red Scarlet, in fact, is the only HD camera that is out there, beside the Red One that is a 4.5 and the Red Epic that is also a 5k. However, the Red Scarlet for an estimated guess price for this camera, is round about $6,500.00, give or take a few change. The capability that it has, is like most cameras have, with most of the features to work with.


Sporting a fixed lens, touchscreen monitor, and RED's wireless remote control. The Scarlet definitely seems more accessible than the company's namesake RED ONE camera, but don't let the touchscreen fool you. This is a pro camera made for professional cinematography, photography, small and big budget films. The Scarlet shoots at 3K resolution up to 120 RAW frames-per-second to CF cards or an optional SSD module. The whole device is modular and there are add-ons for more professional audio, storage, and more. Ted wouldn't tell us a release date, but he did say that the price would be "extremely competitive" when we brought up Pansonic's AF100. Of course, this is RED, a company known for long product development times, so we won't hold our breathe waiting for this to come out, but from our hands-on demo, it's clear from the prototype that Scarlet's a beast of a camera that would raise the bar for affordable imaging.

Thus giving the Red Scarlet the ability to function as a Motion Picture Camera that allow you to make such films like Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, Avitar and make such epic type of films that you can make along with major type of commercials.

The Red Scarlet Camera has two option, one with being a fixed lens from 28mm to 250mm and the other with out the fixed lens that allows you to use any lens you want to the camera. However, the fixed lens is also an f/2.4 all the way through which is very fast for a cinema lens, considering that this type lens has a 4" to 5" barrel front end. To find lens like that alone with type of f-stop would cost alone in high $35,000 or more depending on the brand you choose such as Cooke's, Zies, Angenieux and many others.

As for the Red Scarlet Camera, to when it will be out and available for sale, should be between spring and summer of this year 2011. The video above give a simple expamle of what the Red Scarlet looks like and what it has and can do. However, the epic is out which is a 5k camera and ruffly about $40,000 which is still not bad at all taking to consideration on how most major motion picture cameras are that cost $100,000 to $250,000 for one and still only an 1080i HD. So, all in all, you get a better camera. So if your were to purchase the epic fully loaded from Red would cost you about $15,000 to $75,000 give or take a few.

The epic Camera right now is being used for the up and coming movie called the "The Hobbit" which is being filmmed this year 2011 in New Zealand by the Director Peter Jackson.

The successor to RED's industry changing RED ONE, the EPIC has 5K resolution, can shoot up to 120 frames per second and has a new HDRx™ mode for the highest dynamic range of any digital cinema camera ever made. Taking everything they had learned from building their first camera, RED designed the EPIC from scratch and have produced a smaller, lighter camera that is an order of magnitude more powerful.

The Hobbit will be amongst the first productions in the world to use the EPIC and at least thirty cameras will be required by the 3-D production. The EPIC'S small size and relatively low weight, makes it perfect for 3-D - where two cameras have to be mounted on each 3D rig. 

Jackson has a long history with RED, dating back to when he directed the short film 'Crossing the Line' as a very early test of prototype RED ONE cameras. "I have always liked the look of RED footage." he says, "I'm not a scientist or mathematician, but the image RED produces has a much more filmic feel than most of the other digital formats. I find the picture quality appealing and attractive, and with the EPIC, Jim and his team have gone even further. It is a fantastic tool, the EPIC not only has cutting edge technology, incredible resolution and visual quality, but it is also a very practical tool for film makers. Many competing digital systems require the cameras to be tethered to large cumbersome VTR machines. The EPIC gives us back the ability to be totally cable free, even when working in stereo."

Jim Jannard the owner and founder of RED flew to New Zealand earlier this year with members of his team so that Jackson could test the EPIC and assess its suitability. "Everybody at RED is incredibly proud that Peter has chosen the EPIC" says Jannard, "The Hobbit is a major production, and could have chosen any camera system that they wanted. The fact that they went with us is extremely gratifying."

The Hobbit is now shooting in New Zealand this year in 2011

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