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Rayborne Films

A film production company that produces its own tv programs to developing and producing commercials, web tv, films, wedding videos, music videos and documentaries. We also design ads, banners, websites, posters and business cards for clients that want and need for their business to grow. See the portfolio

We provide excellent services for those who want the best quality "not quantity" to be able to feel the expression that's taking their ideas to a whole new level of projects that fits their needs and a well qualified crew with the ability to competent and focused under stress. Rayborne Film has the ability to do multi-tasks with excellent written and oral communication skills with positive enthusiastic team players that interacts with Actors/Actress and production crews.

In turn, this allows us to produce great quality films and to build the best pricing package that fits your budget....

What We Do


From having a sequence in the script that are mine alone to direct as I’ve experienced on how to choose the right lens and build my shot list (storyboard).  Blocking the camera and cast, to find the right performance in order to break down the script for direction, creating a list, notating the beats and discovering the sub-text.

Deciding on when the scenes come up on the schedule and my decisions along with my inspirations that will determine what shots are made and which performances are selected for editing. Good communication between actors and directing to a completely understanding in the actor's world from script breakdown to performances.


1. Motivating the actors
2. Actors language
3. Developing Characterizations
4. What to look for when casting
5. When to stay out of the way
6. Keeping the performance alive take after take
7. The big why
8. Breaking down the script from the actor's viewpoint
9. Creating characters and their personality relationship
10. Improvisation with the actors on and off camera
11. Rehearsing the actors
12. Auditioning process
13. Troubleshoot poor performances
14. Selecting and interpreting the scripts
15. Creating a shot list for story boarding
16. Collaborating with the crew
17. Multi camera shots and movements
18. Staging, blocking and working with talent
19. Technical and creative tools of compositions of lens
20. Shape the final edit and make decisions for the right shot








All of this planning and filming leads up to the most vital aspect of film making and post production work.  Post production turns individual scenes called raw footage into a finished motion picture.  Editors splice all of the usable footage together into a coherent storyline according to the script.  Composers add background music to create dramatic or comical effects.  Special Effects Teams add computer-generated images and backgrounds to enhance the set or provide an unseen character.  All of this work can only be performed during post production.

Post production may also involve fixing mistakes not corrected during principal shooting.  Quite often an actor's microphone will not pick up crucial bits of dialogue or another microphone may pick up extraneous noises. During post production, an actor may have to return to a sound booth in order to re-record lost dialogue or improve the original delivery.  This is calledlooping.  Another function of post production is to add incidental sound effects not captured during the original scenes. 

A specialist called a Foley Artist will record such sounds as an actor's footsteps, a creaking door, gunshots and adding special effects, visual effects, sound effects. Lighting and motion effects are added to create such an elaborate cinema effect for the Internet, TV, DVD and Theaters.



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